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Welcome to the Bible Study Center! We provide free international Bible Correspondence Courses. These courses are ideal for men and women who want to explore the Bible from the privacy of their own homes. Take a few minutes to explore what we offer. Let us know how we can help you learn more about the Bible. A true education should include a working knowledge of God's Word, the Holy Bible. Enhance your Bible knowledge by studying our free Bible Correspondence Courses. They are formulated with you in mind, they are easy to use, you receive them in the privacy of your own home by postal mail or via e mail attachment. You may study at your own pace, no deadlines involved. Young people especially will benefit from these studies. Tell your friends and relatives about our free offers for home study. They will be glad you gave them this information. 

Our postal address is: 

Bible Correspondence Courses International (B.C.C.I.) , 

P.O. Box 3841, Springfield, IL 62708-3841 - USA

Na América do Norte, dirige-se-à:

Bible Correspondence Courses International (B.C.C.I.)

P.O. Box 3841

Springfield, IL 62708-3841 USA

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