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The Soul's Physician - Ten lessons about the miracles recorded in the Gospel of Matthew - (with test)

The King & His Kingdom - Thirteen lessons in chapters 1 to 4, 11 and 12 of Matthew.

The Master & His Disciple - More studies in the Gospel of Matthew. 13 Lessons, chapters 5 to 10.

The New Life- Thirteen lessons in the First Epistle of Peter.

Guidance for a Leader - Fifteen lessons from Paul's 1st Epistle to Timothy.

The Workman Approved by God - Eleven lessons from Paul's 2nd Epistle to Timothy.

The Christian Experience - Eleven lessons from Paul's Epistle to the Philippians.

Spiritual Gifts - Eleven lessons providing solid guidance for Christian service.

The Tabernacle - 26 lessons from the book of Exodus by Walter Alexander.

Lessons for Life - Twelve lessons teaching important issues for disciples.

The Human Being and His Destiny - 9 short and to the point lessons.

The Bible, The Word of Truth - Thirteen lessons showing the importance of Scripture.

The Gospel of Luke - Outstanding events in the only Gospel written by a physician.

The Key to the Book of Genesis - Genesis is foundational for understanding the Bible.

The Book of Hebrews - Lessons describing the superiority of Christ to the Law.